Tip pop ups and screen top - in game help

I noticed some really nice tip pop up windows in game! One, will we see those tips in a reference section in the menu or settings?

Two, I watched a ton of streamers play and a lot of them blow right past how to do things, fishing was one especially they loved to not be able to figure out quickly. So some things had a full pop up window for doing a thing and others not? Or maybe they were grouped in a tip and blown right by. Seemed the “press Y to fish’” at the top of the screen was never enough! :wink:

Not sure the answer for it or if it will remain an issue but I noticed being annoyed watching streamers not figure things out when I had seen others do it. Figure it was worth mentioning.




Other games have a full-screen/fade background out/pause game and force you to read the tip and click A to continue. It only happens like this once and never again for that tip. I would imagine after this first time, it would act like the itp does now, it’s there but not trying to get your attention. Not sure how people like that, but at least you can be some-what sure they read it.

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