Thoughts on ecosystems and difficulty divisions

Thoughts on ecosystems and difficulty divisions.
I think the current difficulty curve is too unreasonable and the ups and downs are very serious.
I’m not sure if what I observed is correct. Currently I found there are three levels of difficulty.
The first stage is when the new world just begins. The second stage is after defeating the first boss. The third stage is after completing the mission of the church through the Black Valley.
After the second stage is upgraded to the third stage, the difficulty increases greatly. Most players are only around level 15 after completing the church characters. However, many items dropped by monsters require level 21 to be used. The span is so large that one suspects that there is a missing level. This is not a change of 1-2-3, but a change of 1-2-4.
I think a 3-stage should be added to make the transition smoother. The level of dropped equipment is set at around level 16. (Although it may be very troublesome to set a new equipment level and have to classify some equipment to this level. However, I think it is possible to upgrade the original low-level equipment, just like the lowering stage of the corpse smear knife. Increase some parts/decoration, or just change some colors).
My idea of modifying the ecosystem is that it can be distinguished from the improvement of enemy attributes. (Although some vivid terrain changes are very good at increasing the sense of immersion and the realism of this world. This is carefully designed by you and fits those new enemies very well). For example (I’m not sure if my observation is correct, it may be a combination of two) there are currently three stages. There is only one enemy combination on the map in the first stage. The second stage has three different enemy combinations, and the third stage also has three different enemy combinations. We can extend phase one. Let players enter the second stage when they reach level 7, rather than after entering the Holy City. Before this, if you return to the map in the first stage, the enemy configuration that belonged to the second stage will appear, but some attribute weakening will be given to them (such as an overall debuff, except for the boss). This is in line with the difficulty of the first stage, and allows these level-required equipment to be close at hand. Rather than a huge leap of 15-21. As for the second stage, some third stage monsters with reduced attributes can be used. When killing these cross-stage monsters whose attributes have been reduced, the drop rate of higher-level equipment will be lower, or the drop rate of higher-level equipment will be canceled directly. The drop probability of higher level equipment will be restored after the player reaches the third stage.
I think the display of weapon attribute compensation also needs to be improved - display this compensation in the weapon (corresponding to the icon and then +xx number in small fonts) - rather than only displaying it in the character attribute interface. If this is too much trouble, you can just display the stat offsets for the equipped weapon. In this way, players can more intuitively see the bonus of their attributes to weapons. And this is helpful for modifying the class of weapons. After you reduce the stage of the corpse smear knife to 1. Weapon usage requirement increased from 22 to 11. His base damage has also been reduced. But the actual base damage should be the same as before in Stage 2 after reaching a Strength attribute of 22. This cannot be shown in the weapon display panel.