Things I Like and don't and would love/fixed in the Game

What I like about the Game:

  • Devs are dedicated to listening to player feedback.
  • No Microtransactions
  • Combat feels impactful, lots of sound design, small animations, and hit box is great and top quality.
  • Mobs & Bosses have really good attack patterns, and defensive patterns.
  • Item design are very unique and it has wear and tear.
  • The Idea of Town Management is indeed quite unique in this genre, I also like the way that you can buy different houses, basically from poor to rich looking houses inside the town and design it with furnitures and place crafting tables.
  • Bounty Hunting missions
  • It’s great for controller
  • Art style feels like its gonna age well.
  • World Design is phenomenal, Lots of levels and secret passage, and it goes really well with the art style. I randomly just sit for like 5 mins and enjoy the view.

What I don’t like about the Game:

  • You can sometimes cheese the mobs by standing in a higher leveled ground.
  • You can overpower a boss just by bringing lots of potions.
  • The resting points are a bit too far apart. Lots of walking for a cleared area if you died.
  • Max Audio for music is quite low.
  • There’s no colored light rays based on item rarity, I like seeing that in a looting game.
  • QoL in looting system doesn’t feel great but it gets the job done.
  • Lot’s of rain, but the island has bad weather which is a big part of the lore I guess.

What I would love to get added/fixed in Game:

  • The cheese strats should be fixed.
  • Higher cooldown for Health Potion/food to make it more skill based in boss fights. Defeating a boss first try doesn’t feel rewarding.
  • A chance to respec my stats after unlocking the town.
  • Setup a 1 time use cooking area.
  • Mobs sometimes get confused at path finding.
  • Sleep to end the night.
  • Parry up-time feels too fast and not punishing enough for the enemy.
  • Some kind of warning if a certain monster is attacking outside your view.
  • Colored Light rays for equipment drops based on the rarity.
  • More QoL in the Looting System.
  • Waypoint system like GTA V would be a bit nice I guess? but limited to npc’s or main roads and explored areas only since it defeats the purpose of exploring.
  • My specs are Ryzen 9 7950x3d and RTX 4070 installed in SSD with 32gb RAM but Performance is unstable and unpredictable but its playable at least for Me. My FPS Ranges from 30-120, but 60-70 FPS is my average.

Steam Players might not like this game because it has bad progression in the early game, because We steam players have that 2 hour threshold in the back of our heads for refund. You might need to set some expectations and read more reviews about the game.

i love the game despite the ups and downs and it has a really good foundation for a great game but I would only replay it once multiplayer comes out.