Suggestion for future updates

I love this game, and thats not to be taken lightly. The mechanics, sound and art style have me HOOKED. I really like the aspect of building the town up, and i hope more of that will be implemented later on.

That being said, i was wondering if it would ever be possible to have titles added? For example, you complete x amount of challenges, you get a title, that contributes a very small percentage of something to your character? I thought this could be used in line with building, pve and also pvp (when it releases) these titles could grant small buffs, (online titles for pvp could be time restricted so only last a week, say for top10 on a leaderboard etc?)

But in regards to non-pvp titles, it would be cool to work towards more things to do, “parry x amount of enemies, gain parry master title which grants a 1% buff to your stamina regen” or something like that - would be cool for all aspects of the game.

Also please dont listen to the haters, the game is fantastic and beautiful, im only ever so immersed in a game if its FromSoftware or something similar, and you guys have me locked in a hold with this game already😂

Thank you for the hard work, and the amazing experience so far!