Some feedback about parry, health system and animations

Parry System:
The animation for the parry system feels a bit clunky and required some polish. It becomes too strong against bosses once you’ve mastered the timing. Considering balancing options such as introducing a cooldown period or alternative mechanics could enhance gameplay dynamics.

Health System:
The current 10-second wait for any healing feels restrictive and limits player engagement. Introducing different types of healing bottles or mechanics could diversify gameplay and provide players with strategic choices for health management.

Stamina Gauge:
The stamina gauge is challenging to notice, particularly when the health gauge appears nearby. Improving visibility or adjusting the UI layout could enhance player awareness and improve the overall experience.

After purchasing a recipe from a vendor, it remains available for repurchase again, which may lead to confusion. Implementing a system where purchased items disappear from the vendor’s inventory would streamline the shopping experience and prevent unintentional re-purchases.

Animation for Digging and Mining:
The animations for digging and mining feel too lengthy and could be shortened to improve pacing and player engagement during resource-gathering activities.

Tool Equipping:
Allowing tools to be permanently equipped would streamline gameplay and eliminate the need for frequent re-equipping, enhancing player convenience and immersion in the game world.

Fight feedback:
By implementing clear indicators distinguishing between parryable and unblockable attacks from enemies (bosses and other foes) players will gain a deeper understanding of combat dynamics, leading to more informed decision-making and enhancing the overall gameplay experience. (For example: unblocable attack with special sound and red vfx)

Foes health:
Enemies feel like sponges which consume your damage. By little increasing a damage from the player to regular enemies would improve player engagement into combat system.

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One thing I’d add about the parry animation is that I feel it lacks proper visual feedback. While the small flash and the distortion effect are fine, they can get quite easily lost with other visual effects around, especially when fighting multiple enemies. Sometimes I’m not sure if the parry was successful or not because those effects aren’t pronounced enough.