Silver is softer than iron

It is common knowledge that silver is softer than iron, so it doesn’t make sense that silver axe is better than iron one. Even rings which we wear in real life aren’t 100% silver because we could just squeeze in our hands and change it shape if there wouldn’t be another metal mixed with it.
I think u could just change ore, into something stronger, harder which already exist or invent new “fantasy” metal.
Instead of deleting silver from the game it could be used for making jewelry, which would be cool, cause: new content and new NPC responsible for that.


Yeah, that’s a valid point. Cool ideas, not gonna lie.
If those aren’t satisfying for devs, from me I would add this kind of idea (it’s simple but explanatory by itself): Just make some kind of dialoge with smith who explains that they figured out the way to strengthen silver with right techniques of blacksmithing. I gotta totally agree with Szakal_Wu, silver seems strange to be that better than iron. Ofcoure, it’s fantasy world but I think for all geeks 'round here it’s kina of ‘‘itchy’’ to know that it doesn’t make sense in the real world.

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