Short list summarizing the Steam feedback

-Player Retention: we would truly prefer if all weapons had a fixed stat. This system of giving you the same weapon but with RNG giving you just one more point of damage seems like a very poor way to try to retain users.

-Armor Break Mechanic: The need to repair your items in a game where you’re going to die quite a bit until you learn the enemy patterns seems to me one of the worst design decisions they could have made.

-we would like in-game coins to be automatically collected; I don’t see the necessity for the player to approach and press the button to collect 1 - 2 copper when they could simply walk over it; an option to enable this would be appreciated.

-More customization options in character creation.

-(NOT SURE IF IT ALREADY HAS THIS FEATURE) we would like a transfiguration system; there are very beautiful armors, and it would be appreciated to be able to edit my appearance to my liking in the future.

-Playstation Scheme for the buttons.