Rarely get any pure DEX scaling weapons from loot

I am running a pure DEX build where I put all my specs on.

However I found it so difficult to get DEX-scaling only weapons from the loot, most of the game I get the huge axes, swords or even staffs, I farmed a lot of enemies all the way from level 15-25 , most weapons from loot are scaling with STR.

I am still using the dual daggers purchased at level 1 smith, and the bow purchased at the wood craftman, which I need to unequip my daggers while using the bow( as it’s dual wield daggers), as these two are the weapon scaling with DEX only in my inventory.

Maybe there should be mechnism where the drop rotate between different scaling weapons?Or make the weapon type drops accordingly to the in game time( e.g Higher chance of getting daggers at night).
Really need some stuff like katana!