Other minor details

Food cooldown: I understand i have to git gud. But what happens as a result is not that i die and try to become better but simply that i run circles around an enemy and wait for my second heal. I’d rather just waste all my food quicker and lose as a result rather than wasting time idling around enemies.

Menu closing delay: Whenever i close a menu and go back to running around there is a delay that pins me in place only being able to move a few steps in 2 directions before i can walk normally again

Bounty: Those little bounties are partially really redundand so not being able to accept all at once is kinda pointless. You choose to kill the Wolves go to a place, kill them, go back, say you killed them, accept another quest and go back to the exact same place to kill something else.
Regardless of all of that i personally think that the whole system doesn’t fit into this very immersive game and feels out of place with the rewards and “daily/weekly”

Sorting: I can sort my inventory but not my storage. That should be an easy fix.

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