More pointless build restrictions

i just realized because i tried to boost my health regen that you are not able to slot more than 1 unique gem into a piece of gear. so i can’t slot 4 rubies into a helmet. that kinda defeats the point of all the talks about balance itemization and how white items are customizable and let people be creative with their builds and do things the devs didn’t even think about. no you tought about it and decided that it should not be possible to play the game in any other way than you imagined it i think. no pure ranged builds with focus regen, no insane health regen to stop running circles until your food cooldown i up. “just learn to parry” that’s the game it seem for now. ofc. i am overexaggerating. but really i don’t think it’s necessary to impose so many restrictions on players who just want to make creative and innovative/unusual builds that differ from the “intended gameplay loop”.