KB/M bugs (current as of PATCH 2)

This was an issue as I was accidentally hitting my rune attacks. It’s why I said “issue” because it’s more just a mistake issue than something I’d actively do with shield anyway. Just feel like having 2 things do the same thing can bring confusion. Unless shield will eventually have Rune capabilities? I understand though.


2 more bugs added - 11 & 12


Thx! Reported the 1st one for (V), but cannot repeat the 2nd one for (F): just remapped it for ‘Right’ and (D) for ‘Food’, works fine for me on both mentioned by you schemes. Also tried with (C) instead of (F) as long as you are writing about dropping down, but still no issue.

Can you please record a video?

Sure, will do in a bit and link it here.

If you need videos for other bugs lemme know.

Following @Greg_Maddox example with ESDF, if you try to move right you automatically drop down (still retaining a bit right-wards motion).

Ah okay, you ment dropping down while climbing… that’s smth I’ve missed) Okay, will try it, thanks a lot man!

Yeah, got it and also one more with a similar problem, nice catch!)