Idea for the difficulty issue that would help players who struggle with boss encounters etc

Since the difficulty level has been criticized by some players, I have an idea how to solve this “problem”.

What if there was a way for players seeking help to summon players from other realms at any point in the game? Players who want to help other players could signal this by wearing a certain item (e.g. a ring). Players who ask for help should not be able to do so without “effort”. Perhaps there could be a potion that you have to brew and use. This would mean that it would not be possible to summon help as often as you like, but players would have to “work” for help by collecting resources for this potion.

The system would be similar to Elden Ring. However, I think it should be up to the players themselves to decide when the cooperation ends - not automatically after a successful boss fight or the death of a player, for example.

Just an idea that might be able to mature here in the forum. :slight_smile:

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