Hotfix 5 item changes was a mistake

Current playtime: 93 hours
Characters played: 5 (3 lvl25+)

I just wanna start off with that I still love this game and I can’t wait to see it grow!

Now back to the topic.
I’ve beaten the game multiple times now and is again starting a new Character. However this time something feels off.

I’m feeling a little more item starved compared to earlier play throughs and killing monster just doesn’t have the same feeling of reward and excitement anymore - despite playing a new stat type and trying weapons for the first time.

I’ve arrived at the Nameless pass once again but this time the thrill of finding a bunch of cool weapons and armor is gone. There simply isn’t enough gear variety left because you moved a bunch of items to a later point in the game with hotfix 5. This puts extra scrutiny on your weapon requirement design. Now the taste is turning sour, because the drops are worse.

I think it’s sad because I really liked how it was at launch and also pointed it out in an early comment. How you seemed to have nailed the item drops and usability problem of many arpg games. This is no longer the case now.

So in my opinion, this hotix 5 change was not an improvement.

I hope you will look at the changes that was made and think of what impact it has had on the player during campaign play-through.

Finding items from a big item-pool is great when you are running around the same areas for a long time. Finding items above your current lvl is exciting and motivating, it makes you look forward to equipping it. In contrast, finding gear that was useful 5 levels ago is an annoyance.

  • As a side note, maybe I’ve just gotten better but I feel like Nameless Pass is a lot easier than before. The enemies has changed I feel and I tell myself that it must have been nerfed. On my first character, I was doing the story a bit out of order because Sewer Darak was too hard for me at the time. That meant I farmed Nameless Pass for a very long time and I had a fun time doing so. I remember it as being hard but perhaps I just din’t think of upgrading my gear at that time or something.