Feedback: Scaling Attributes

I think it would be a significant QoL adjustment to remove double attributes in favor of a single scaling attribute for base weapons, in combination with allowing us to split scaling with some type of modification to the weapon.

Reason being one of the best parts of the games combat system is the variety in attack animations. Find a weapon you like, then build your stats accordingly. But this also limits weapon combinations on swap. So the thought was to allow for more diversity than the current game while still allowing for decision making and limits as in the current system.

The end result would be on what is now a pure int scaling weapon could be modified to int/dex and a pure dex weapon could be modified in the same way therefore on the same character those weapons could b used together.

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This idea has some merit because both ARPGs and Soulslikes do have cases where you can alter what attribute a weapon becomes(you can turn dex weapons into faith weapons for example). Just make it a resource like we already do with gems maybe.

bot those games also have weapons that scale with 2 stats. for example in DS3 we have luck and dex scaling for dex weapons that cause “bleed”.

I think having scaling with more than 1 stat opens up more possibilities for builds, like for example a paladin build with faith and str.

right now it does not feel “paladiny” enough, but i can see cool shit done with dual scaling in the future. like for example give a 2hand sword “holy light” rune attack that is especially powerful against enemy type XY. So your weapon raw dmg scales with str but rune attack dmg with faith.

One problem I have seen so far with multi scaling weapons in this game is they only benefit from damage increase after you invest a point in each scaling attribute. Not sure if that is intentional. However, it leads to having multi attribute scaling weapons have far less damage increase than single scaling attribute weapons.