Feedback on tedious/annoying mechanics in the game so far

I like the game very much, I’m really excited for the full release.
The game looks amazing, the art style is fantastic.
I’ll skip on the technical stuff but hopefully it will be better optimized.

There are some mechanics that I find extremely annoying and while playing . Most of them involve time, time I would like to be spent in a better way in a videogame.

Gathering resources with tools.
Way too slow. I guess that there will be better tools that speeds up gathering resources but I do not want to look at my character chopping wood, digging or mining for this long.
My suggestion is to make it faster, maybe the animation is played only once.
I must say that I do not like survival games, feels like wasting my time but that’s my personal opinion.

Items and Inventory
On the inventory management, I’ve read the same things I was thinking.
It’s very annoying to go back and forth from chests to craft items.
I would like to see some kind of way to put items directly on chest without going at it’s location.

Whispers and fast travel
I would like to be able to teleport to any whisper in the game. It makes sense, and saves a lot of time.

Overall the game is really good and I’m enjoying a lot playing it.
Thank you.

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Gathering resources with tools.
You can buy the upgraded tools pretty much right away from the smith or woodcarver. Iron is faster than copper. It makes it faster.

Items and Inventory
You can do this further in the game. Without spoiling too much, you can have a chest full of your stuff adjacent to any crafting station.

Whispers and fast travel
Sucks to be you