Feedback: Crouch cancel light attack

Given the similarities between NRFTW and souls, I’m left wanting when using heavy two handed weapons without the crouch cancel light attack.

I’m not a huge fan that some weapons have no access to a heavy attack and some have it tucked deep in the auto attack chain as well.

In souls with two big two handers I always heavily favored weapons with a quick poking attack from crouch cancel, a horizontal light attack and a vertical (chopping) heavy attack. Relying on poise alone never feels too good cause your also relying on getting hit. Variations in attack patterns allowed for fun and rewarding gameplay based on skill selection.

I think it would be a great addition to this game to give all weapons access to a light, heavy, and crouching attack animation.

Side note I don’t want this game to be a carbon copy of souls, just thinking it’d be a nice addition.