Feedback: Crafting System

Ok, so no long winded post although writing it all out was certainly therapeutic. Doing so did give me the benefit of trying to make this succinct so let’s give it a shot.

That said the Q&A last night also has a big impact because it confirmed how much is missing in the current system from the intended final product.

Issues with the current system:

  • 100% RNG gear doesn’t add to Wicked in any meaningful way. Furthermore I believe it takes away from the game. We have lots the simplicity of a souls build despite the significant similarities between both games.

— thought/opinion 1: the only limitation of the Last Epoch crafting system is the inability to target farm the correct base item, Wicked has item crafting which corrects this issue; therefore I believe it would integrate well into wicked. In addition the T6-T7 drops would be a meaningful reward in crucible or something similar if it exists in the game. The LE crafting system allows for targeting specific builds while still giving the players something to aim for and excitement over a big upgrade.

—thought/option 2: rebalance crafting to remove RNG from build stats specifically. This option seems the most intrusive on the current game but the thought was that RNG can be a fun/goofy/entertaining option but when it’s tied to how builds function I feel it takes away from the rest of the game significantly. It’s only going to lead to people continuing to circumvent the system as they are now. If weapons and armor take on a more looter shooter feel where all they do is buff offensive and defensive stats respectively then the 100% RNG system because much less a problem. Especially as we can continue to upgrade weapons we like so if you don’t find a big replacement won’t feel bad at the same time. So where would we put focus? Weight? Big parry effects? Rings, buff rings and give them bonus stats for different combinations. And make rings able to be upgraded so that the stats remain relevant as you level.

Anyway just a thought

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