Cerim Crucible Knight's unfair ranged attacks

The knights in the Cerim Crucible have ranged attacks despite being melee focused enemies with multiple ways to close the gap on you.

These attacks don’t have indicators where they are going to appear. The tells for them are a fairly quiet audio cue, and an animation the knight performs. This leads to suddenly getting knocked down by a massive shockwave or being inflicted with plague by a knight that wasn’t even on your screen.

When fighting 1 on 1 these attacks are fine, but the knights usually appear in groups. When fighting these groups your attention is focused on the closest enemies. These attacks allow knights that would logically pose the lowest threat to catch you off guard by standing still in the back of the group, and not drawing you’re attention while they cast.

Ranged wizards are usually fought alongside the knights. The spells from the wizard can be avoided by simply moving out of the way, where as the ranged attacks from the knights must be dodged exactly when it is cast. In order to know when its about to be cast, you can only watch the knight performing the animation, while the various other enemies drown out the audio cue with their own sound effects.

In short these attacks usually don’t give you enough warning to even know they’re coming.

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