A little thought after playing the game

I don’t speak good English and use webpage translation. I apologise if it reads strange.

I think the moon team has to make the choice to ditch the mobile game style design.

The main way for players to grow is to build cities, and the amount of gathering resources needed to build them is simply too great. A shop requires 10 pieces of wood and 5 pieces of copper, which is obviously unreasonable. The reason for this design, why the resources are not renewable in the short term, and why the enemies are not refreshed in the short term, is to slow down the player’s growth speed, so that you can’t finish the building immediately, and so that you can’t brush your equipment. Together with the so-called daily quests, weekly quests, the production team restricts the player, desires the player to be able to play like a handheld game to tie up the player’s time. This seriously affects the smooth pace of play that a single-player game is supposed to have.

The production team should completely abandon such a production mindset. As an example, reduce 10 pieces of wood and 5 pieces of copper ore to 5 pieces of wood and 3 pieces of copper ore, but in order to build a shop you must obtain an exclusive prop to upgrade the shop, for example, a carpenter must have a wooden statue, a tailor must have a gold sewing needle. Such special props then need to take quests to get them. Players can continue to run back and forth to do quests in order to upgrade their shops, and the quests can be formatted to somewhat supplement the personal storylines of the NPCs. Whenever a quest is completed at an NPC, the map resources and enemies are immediately refreshed. This means that the monsters on the map can no longer be changed at will, it means redesigning a lot of the quests carefully (preferably cutting out the so-called rough daily quests, weekly quests), and it means getting rid of the so-called mobile game design ideas and acting like a real arpg.